In some areas, the winter season could be extremely harsh. Snow, a steady stream of wind, sub-zero wind chills, and freezing temperatures will make you want to stay inside your home all throughout the winter season. Though several kinds of shrubs and trees that develop in certain parts of your area can endure winter conditions, sadly, extreme weather could take its toll. Because of this, we have come up with different suggestions and hacks for you to protect your shrubs and trees during the freezing season. Here are some of them: 

Most damaging weather is winter 

Regardless of your thermostat says the other way, the sun during winter is still pretty strong. The sun’s rays could burn, bleach, and dry foliage, and it could damage or even kill roots, buds, branches, and bark. Similarly, ice and snow could possibly bring down whole trees or just break branches. Also, keep in mind that salt deicing products could kill vegetation and grass. It is without a doubt that your shrubs and trees can survive at all given those problems to be worried about. 

Things to do: 

Winter vegetation can easily be spotted, it usually appears in the form of evergreen needles, discolored or brown patches on leaves. This occurs since roots become frozen during the winter soil. Also, roots have a difficulty to absorb nutrients and water and to spread them to their distant foliage. Mulching can aid to stop this. The material of mulch plays as insulation that blankets the roots beneath the topsoil, which enables them to keep more moisture all throughout the severe winter months.  

Aside from mulching, you must keep on watering your yard after the climates begin to fall. This is more effective prior to the arrival of the first freeze of the season. Even if your neighbors might wonder why you are pulling a hose during snow, we still recommend you to immediately water your lawn until the year’s first hard freeze. Do this before the white stuff arrives.  

Moreover, proper pruning is essential for your lawn, especially during the winter season as well. This will help your shrubbery and trees manicured and it will definitely off since they will appear more attractive, it can protect them and your home from detached branches and limbs once the ice builds up, and it can help the condition of your plants. 

Burlap sacks that are wrapped all over exposed limbs and tree trunks are also reported to be effective. Some prefer to sprinkle straw or pine needles across the foliage of the shrub as this can serve as a sun and wind barrier. Also, it aids trap more now that also plays as a protective shield. The effectiveness of the mentioned tricks relies on many different factors. However, as long as you won’t be causing permanent damage to your plants, we recommend you to try it for yourself.  

If you are looking for more Lawn Care Service CA and hacks on how to take care of your lawn during the winter season, check us out regularly.