Window Cleaning Hacks 

Windows are nice to look at if they are clean and annoying when they are dirty. But why should we clean our windows? Cleaning your windows give you a satisfying experience, as you see the dirt goes away. Most of all, cleaning your windows is important because it keeps your family healthy. Clean window also give a long-lasting impression to your visitors of how neat you are, especially in your home. However, cleaning the window is one of the tasks your household avoids doing. Hence, sometime hiring a professional window cleaner is a must to maintain your windows.  

Professional cleaners are no doubt makes life easy, there are cleaning hacks which you could try in window cleaning Waco. Shining and keeping it dust and germ free is now easy with this cleaning hacks.  

Recycle used dryer sheets, it can help you buff out the hard water spots. This can fix all hard water spots in your mirrors and windows in the bathroom and living room. Vinegar wipes out cloudy glasses. By just using a paper towel, elbow grease and vinegar it can make your glasses clearer than ever. No need of detergent and mess. Just spray and wipe! And if you are out of vinegar, it is not a problem. You can use black tea instead. Just brew one, let it cool at let the tea tannic take care of it. Are you tired of the ink stains when you use newspapers? Worry no more because you can use coffee filter to clean windows sans.  

Windows are prone to scratches and you don’t need to swell a muscle to remove this because non-gel toothpaste is the answer. Just put the toothpaste in a soft cloth then wipe it with a damp cloth. No rinse needed. Another common stain in windows is stickers. You can easily de-gunk the remnants with alcohol. Alcohol with elbow grease is a perfect combination to de-gunk this. Hence, you will not be stressed with the kids anymore.  

Windows have other parts too, not just glasses. Window tracks are often taken for granted and in time muck and gunk accumulates there. The problem here is some parts of the tracks are unreachable. The best cleaning hack in this part is the combination of vinegar and baking soda. When the vinegar reacts with baking soda, the mixture gets rid with the entire gunk and all you just need to do is to wipe it with a sponge.  

These are just few hacks yet effective hacks to make window cleaning easy. When should you do these hacks? We recommend you do it at night because during daytime, the warmth of the sun directly hits your windows. When this happens, cleaning solutions dry up fast and ends up leaving residues. Therefore, it is best during nigh time. Window cleaning should be done regularly to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. This is also to prevent your family from getting sick too. If these hacks can’t solve your window cleaning problems, you can always hire professional cleaners to do it for you.  




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