Audit and Finance:

Frank Kleese∴PM∴PDDGM, James Baade∴PM, Trafton Taylor- Treas.,                W. Scott Brinley, Timothy Sheider


Frank Kleese∴PM∴PDDGM, James Baade∴PM, Armando Aman∴PM, Timothy Sheider


Frank Kleese∴PM∴PDDGM, Sam Sheider∴PM, Armando Aman∴PM,
James Gaskins∴PM, George Grant

Masonic Education:

W. Scott Brinley, George Grant, Timothy Sheider, Steve Urban Jr.

Lodge Mentors:

Frank Kleese∴PM∴PDDGM, James Gaskins∴PM, Sam Sheider∴PM,
Jack Green∴PM, Barney Thornton

Lodge Property:

Armando Aman∴PM, Jack Green∴PM, Dave Burgin, W. Scott Brinley, Joseph Williams, George Grant


Charity and Relief:

James Baade∴WM, Jack Green∴PM, Armando Aman∴PM


As and when needed

Funeral Detail:

Frank Kleese∴PM∴PDDGM, Roy Keys∴PM, Don Stratmann∴PM
All Lodge Officers