From the Secretary ProTem

My Brothers,

Again, we would like to stress the fact that we are having returned or undeliverable Trestleboards. We need to have you update your mailing address and e-mail address and phone numbers. This will enable us to be more efficient and not continue to be expensive to your lodge. Thank you.

RW Frank Kleese
Secretary ProTem

3 Replies to “From the Secretary ProTem”

  1. Doug , great job and thank you for picking us up. I thought, if it’s possible, that the officers names could be Bold fonts and maybe a different color and style than the rest of that page so they may stand out. Thanks again and I appreciate you and your work.

    1. Thanks…I will apply your suggestions when I make the site official. Right now this is my prototype page on my own server. Once it is approved I will upload it and replace the current site.


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