From the East (May 2017)


Over the fast few months our Lodge has been conducting regular
maintenance on our building in addition we have also been calibrating our
equipment, like the kitchen appliances and tools. Thank to our building
committee for their hard work. I hope to see more brothers who can find time to participate.

Brother Thomas Lee Thomas was reinstated and joined the perpetual
membership: Brother Raymond Brownlee and RW Samuel Scardina traveled all the way from Cape Coral Lodge No. 367 to recognize Brother Thomas and what a wonderful Brother and friend Brother Thomas has been shown his generosity and gone and beyond to show the values of Masonry.

More news on April 11, 2017 we retrieved our traveling Level from the
Ribault Lodge No. 272 and in addition on April 16, 2017 we joined forces with the Ribault Lodge in our tradition Easter Sunrise Breakfast: I would like to recognize the following Brothers who were present. WB Jim Baade, WB Jim Gaskins, Brother George Grant, and Brother Randall McCorvey.

A man’s, especially a freemason’s sacred, bond is his word. When he
makes a commitment to do something, he is extending the bond of his word,
breaking that bond brings great discredit upon the man so doing. In generation past, that man would be shunned, dishonored and cast away from his friends and peers, for his “word” was essentially worthless. Since there are no repercussions for that behavior today, the offender feels no personal responsibility, is the total lack of consideration for the impart on others who depended on that commitment.

We all have a given length of “cable tow” and sometimes circumstances happen that our cable tow comes up short and we are unable to follow though on a commitment. Everyone understands that because it has happened to all of us. But a man of his word or an upright mason will have the common courtesy to make notification in a timely manner that he cannot make his commitment and not leave his brothers who depended on him in the lurch, especially when a cell call, email or text takes only a few seconds to communicate.

As mason we are taught that the Holy Bible is the inestimable gift of God to man as the rule and guide to our faith and practice, in the Holy Scriptures we are told to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves. In my humble opinion, this one simple command is the answer to all our problem.

Let continue to make a difference!!!
Victorio J. Bato
Worshipful Master

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