From the East (March 2017)

Masonry means more than wearing lapel ring or having a emblem on your car- its has to come from your heart to having the true meaning of Faith, Hope and Charity.

Live your life by example so others will know and try to follow that there is a just an upright man. Help your fellow man, when they are in need of help but do it silently and don’t look to be recognized or rewarded for doing charity. What really counts lies buried deep within the human breast till Masonic teaching bring it out and put it to be the test, your own action will be judge, when you stand alone before G.A.O.T.U.

Congratulations to our newly raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason and to the degree team headed by RW Royd Key as the Worshipful Master, SW Scott Brinley, JW Tim Sheider, SD WB Freddie Velasco, PM, JD Bro Joey Williams, SS Bro Ruben Laxamana, JS Bro Wayne Hardford, Tyler Bro Barney Thornton, Chaplain Sam Fisher, and to entire cast of part II – Special recognition to WB Dave Thomas, PM for that wonderful lecture and WB Freddie Velasco, PM for the charge.

We have several Entered Apprentice Brothers who are preparing for the proficiency, when ready we will schedule a Fellowcraft Degree shooting on March 11, 2017 after a courtesy to Wesconett Lodge.

We have many events planned for this year, including our 4th annual Ted Roycraft Chili Cook-Off on March 4, 2017 at high noon, please spread the word with live music.

I would like to appreciate the brothers who attended the 11 & 12 District Association.

Let’s continue to make a difference in 2017.


WM Bing Bato

Worshipful Master

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