From the Secretary’s Desk (September 2016)

The time sure is flying fast. Hopefully September will bring us some cooler weather. We had a fine showing at the Grand Master’s Official Visit on Saturday, August 27th. Thanks to all attending and their wives. I am happy to say that we welcome the Ladies to our dinners at our Stated Meetings and the Breakfast we hold on the second Saturday of each month. Keep it up Ladies.

Please check out the events as listed at the top of this page and make your calendars. Staying active is the sign of a positive Lodge. We are growing and that subject was a topic of conversation at the Official Visit on the 27th. We only have two Brothers who have not paid their 2016 dues. Which is a good sign. By the way the 2017 dues cards will be arriving in October. Also, please sign up for circumscribe as this is the new way of being on-board. Look at the Grand Lodge website under “circumscribe”.



Frank Kleese



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