From the East (August 2016)

Brother’s hope everyone had a great Month of July, I look forward seeing you all at our first meeting on August the 4th.

We have two new Entered Apprentices that we need to keep moving and schedule a Fellowcraft Degree as soon as they are ready. Thank you to all who are helping with the EA Degree, and the ease in which you all were able to adjust your schedules to support a time change at the last minute. As you all know Solomon lodge still has our “Traveling Level” at their lodge. In planning is a trip to Solomon lodge to retrieve our “Traveling Level”, those you who are interested in going with me to Solomon lodge please let me know.

Very important date during the month of August:

Saturday August 27: Grand Master Official Visit 11 & 12 Districts, 5pm – 9pm at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium. Please make plans to attend and make a good showing for our lodge.

I would like to say again how good it was to hear during the dinner and welcoming that a lot of Brother’s like the way they feel welcome when they visit our lodge. It is exciting for me to be a part of a lodge that seen at in that manor. We need to continue to greet people as if they are guest while making them feel as though they are members of our lodge.

As always thank you for the allowing me the opportunity to serve you!! LET’S CONTINUE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2016!!


Sam Sheider Worshipful Master

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