From the East (July 2016)


Brother’s Thank you for your support during the first half of the year things have gone well and the year is flying by.

The Grand Communication was done here in Jacksonville at the end of May and 1st of June it was a good productive session and installation of the new Grand Master. Note: The results of the legislation voting were six resolutions were adopted. We plan to read them at the 1st stated meeting in August. If you have any question before then please contact the Lodge office or myself and provide the information.

EA Degree for June 25th to get our newly elected candidates started. As part of this degree there a couple of newly raised Master Masons who are participating in the degree work.  Also our Brother Senior Deacon will be setting in the East for the first time. Thank you to all who are helping to bring these new candidates into the Fraternity.

As you all know during a recent visit from Solomon lodge they succeeded taking our “Traveling Level” back to their lodge. In planning is a trip to Solomon lodge to retrieve our “Traveling Level”, those you who are interested in going with me to Solomon lodge please let me know.  I will find out what their meeting schedule is and we will pick a day to pay them a visit.

Officers meeting on June 6th went well. Plans for the next quarter have been established.  If anyone who did not get opportunity to attend and have some suggestion for another event please contact the lodge office so we can get started planning it.

Thank you all for the attendance during the DDGM Visit it was great meeting. It was good to hear during the dinner and welcoming that a lot of Brother’s like the way they feel welcome when they visit our lodge. It is exciting for me to be a part of a lodge that seen at in that manor. We need to continue to greet people as if they are guest while making them feel as though they are members of our lodge.

As always thank you for the allowing me the opportunity to serve you!! LET’S CONTINUE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2016!!


Sam Sheider Worshipful Master

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