From the Secretary’s Desk (April 2016)

Another Easter has passed and I hope you all had a Happy one. We are excited to experience our
50th Anniversary this month and invite you all to attend this great occasion. As you are aware, we
are saving money by sending the Trestle board out via e-mail. Please save the cover page of this
months edition as we will only send out the information page in the future, as the cover page only
changes once a year.
Please check your dues card to be sure you are current(2016) If you have the 2015 card, you are
overdue. Also, for the Perpetual members, it is necessary to pay the $20.00 Per Capita fee if you
did not include that fee in your original Perpetual fee. Otherwise, the Lodge will incur that
expense. We have 8 Brothers that need to send us this fee. We only have 25 Brothers who have not
paid their 2016 dues. You will help our budget by sending us your dues. Thank you.


Frank Kleese

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