From the Secretary’s Desk (January 2017)


As we come to the end of a fantastic and busy year, thanks to the Leadership of Worshipful Sam
and our dedicated officers, we want to credit the craft for their support also. Plans have already been
made for future endeavors which will enable our Lodge to look to even more growth. Working
together and communication is the key to success. Many of our Ladies have joined us for breakfast
and dinner, bringing enjoyable togetherness and ideas to help us as we make strides for the future.
We can be thankful that we live in a country that allows us freedom of choice to express Friendship
and Brotherly Love. “Happy New Year” to everyone.

R:.W:. Frank E. Kleese Sr.

From the East (January 2017)


January starts the beginning of looks to a fantastic year at J. Wendell Fargis No. 356. Starting with the installation of new Officers on Saturday, January 7 th . Everyone come out and support them now and through the ensuing year.
Remember this is our Lodge, let it continue in Harmony and Brotherly Love!!

Worshipful Master: Victorio “Bing” Bato
Senior Warden: Scott Brinley
Junior Warden: Timothy Sheider
Treasurer: Trafton Taylor
Secretary: RW Frank Kleese
Senior Deacon: George Grant
Junior Deacon: Joey Williams
Senior Steward: Rueben Laxamanna
Junior Steward: Caleb Radney
Chaplain: David Woodruff
Marshall: PM Armando “Mandy” Aman
Tyler: Ike Thornton

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