From the East (October 2016)


It continues to be a great year. We have several Entered Apprentice Brothers who are preparing for the proficiency. When ready we will schedule a Fellowcraft degree, shooting for end of October. We had a productive officer’s meeting with plans for the remaining of the year. October we will have Family/Widows night on October 20th, please invite your families to the lodge for good fellowship and food as always.

The EA Degree on 24 September 2016 went exceptionally well, congratulation to Brother Scott Brinley, in the East and his entire degree team for putting on the degree. There are three new brothers at our Lodge and Two new brothers at Riverside Lodge (Courtesy work). We would like to thank Riverside Lodge for allowing J. Wendall Fargis to be part of bring new Masons into the fraternity. We look forwarded to seeing all the new brothers grow in their Masonic travels.

Still looks like it will be a busy end of the year, welcoming new brothers into Freemasonry and helping them with their growth. Thanks to all that are taking on the important task of being instructors. I know it’s not always an easy task but it is rewarding when you see the new brothers grow in Freemasonry.

Let’s continue to make our visitors feel welcome and at home at our Lodge!!!

As always thank you for the allowing me the opportunity to serve you!!



Sam Sheider Worshipful Master

From the Secretary’s Desk (October 2016)


Congratulations to the three newly initiated Brothers. The EA Degree team practiced hard and put on an excellent Degree. Educated Masons are Dedicated Masons.

Important NOTE: Please give me a heads up if you have signed in on the Circumscribe Program. We need all of our Brothers who have computers to complete this sign up process.

It is now time to turn in your nomination paperwork to the Secretary if you are going to nominate a Brother from our Lodge for one of the five elected positions of officers. Events are posted on the bulletin board and the calendar. Please take time to read them and take note of them.


Secretary Frank