From the Secretary’s Desk (January 2017)


As we come to the end of a fantastic and busy year, thanks to the Leadership of Worshipful Sam
and our dedicated officers, we want to credit the craft for their support also. Plans have already been
made for future endeavors which will enable our Lodge to look to even more growth. Working
together and communication is the key to success. Many of our Ladies have joined us for breakfast
and dinner, bringing enjoyable togetherness and ideas to help us as we make strides for the future.
We can be thankful that we live in a country that allows us freedom of choice to express Friendship
and Brotherly Love. “Happy New Year” to everyone.

R:.W:. Frank E. Kleese Sr.

From the East (January 2017)


January starts the beginning of looks to a fantastic year at J. Wendell Fargis No. 356. Starting with the installation of new Officers on Saturday, January 7 th . Everyone come out and support them now and through the ensuing year.
Remember this is our Lodge, let it continue in Harmony and Brotherly Love!!

Worshipful Master: Victorio “Bing” Bato
Senior Warden: Scott Brinley
Junior Warden: Timothy Sheider
Treasurer: Trafton Taylor
Secretary: RW Frank Kleese
Senior Deacon: George Grant
Junior Deacon: Joey Williams
Senior Steward: Rueben Laxamanna
Junior Steward: Caleb Radney
Chaplain: David Woodruff
Marshall: PM Armando “Mandy” Aman
Tyler: Ike Thornton

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From the East (December 2016)


It’s hard to believe but it has come to the end of another Great year at J. Wendell Fargis No. 356. First of all would like to thank you all for allowing me the pleasure of setting in the East as your Worship Master.

We still have some work to finish with two of our EA’s to be ready for their Fellowcraft Degree. It looks like we are going to able to get some courtesy work done at Rebault Lodge. It will be on December 6, 2016, if you are available please come and support our brothers. We also have a couple of new candidates that are ready to get started. It’s been good year for bringing in new members to the Fraternity. Continue reading “From the East (December 2016)”

From the Secretary’s Desk (December 2016)

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a very Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year. 2016 has surely gone fast. I guess that means we are getting older.
Ha,ha. Our dues are coming in at a good rate and we thank you all for that. Remember to sign in
for the Circumscribe program. Call me if you have any questions. Our next big project will be to
replace the flat roof over fellowship hall, so we will need donations for that project.

Secretary Frank

Menu for December 2016 meeting

December 1st
Turkey Ala King
Buttered Egg Noodles
Steamed White Rice
Buttered Fresh Broccoli
Tossed Green Salad
Assorted Salad Dressings
Fresh Garlic Bread
Ice Cream w/ Sugar Cookies
Coffeer-Iced Tea-Sodas

From the East (November 2016)


As the year is coming to a close don’t forget it has been a great year. We have several Entered Apprentice Brothers who are preparing for the proficiency. When ready we will schedule a Fellowcarft degree, shooting for end of November (First part of October was overcome by events).

The family night was great also food, socializing and to close it out with a performance from RW Robby Stokes and Brother Barry Collins. The educational value was awesome and our Brothers do a great job. Please if you happen to see them let them know how much you enjoyed the performance. Continue reading “From the East (November 2016)”

From the Secretary’s Desk (November 2016)


This year has surely been a fast one. Only three more Stated Meeting left. So come on out and
support your Lodge. A lot of events are scheduled for November and it would be great if we had
more Brothers attending the Schools of Instructions and the 11th & 12th Districts Meetings.

Fellowship and Education go hand in hand. It won’t be long until we will be celebrating
Thanksgiving and we wish everyone a fantastic time with family and friends.

Secretary Frank

Menu for November 2016 meetings

November 3rd
Chicken Parmesan
Augratin Potatoes
Buttered Fresh Broccoli
Garden Salad
Assorted Salad Dressing
Hot Dinner Rolls
Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee-Iced Tea-Sodas
November 17th
Roast Turkey Rolls
Pineapple Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes W/ turkey gravy
Tossed Green Salad
Assorted Salad Dressing
Hawaiian Dinner Rolls
Ice Cream & Assorted Pies
Coffee-Iced Tea- Sodas

Menu for August 2016 meetings

August 4th
Baked Lasagna
Steamed Asparagus w/Hollandaise Sauce
Tossed Salad
Assorted Salad Dressing
French Garlic Bread
Ice Cream Sundae
Coffee-Iced Tea-Sodas
August 18th
Beef Pot Roast
Oven Brown Potatoes
Buttered Succotash
Tossed Green Salad
Assorted Salad Dressing
Hot Dinner Rolls
Ice Cream & German Cake
Coffee-Iced Tea- Sodas

From the East (August 2016)

Brother’s hope everyone had a great Month of July, I look forward seeing you all at our first meeting on August the 4th.

We have two new Entered Apprentices that we need to keep moving and schedule a Fellowcraft Degree as soon as they are ready. Thank you to all who are helping with the EA Degree, and the ease in which you all were able to adjust your schedules to support a time change at the last minute. As you all know Solomon lodge still has our “Traveling Level” at their lodge. In planning is a trip to Solomon lodge to retrieve our “Traveling Level”, those you who are interested in going with me to Solomon lodge please let me know.

Very important date during the month of August:

Saturday August 27: Grand Master Official Visit 11 & 12 Districts, 5pm – 9pm at the Morocco Shrine Auditorium. Please make plans to attend and make a good showing for our lodge.

I would like to say again how good it was to hear during the dinner and welcoming that a lot of Brother’s like the way they feel welcome when they visit our lodge. It is exciting for me to be a part of a lodge that seen at in that manor. We need to continue to greet people as if they are guest while making them feel as though they are members of our lodge.

As always thank you for the allowing me the opportunity to serve you!! LET’S CONTINUE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN 2016!!


Sam Sheider Worshipful Master